The following is a list of general formatting guidelines for stationery items:

  • VCU stationery follows AP style.
    • “&” must be changed to “and.”
    • Suffixes (Jr., III, etc.) should be formatted without commas: John F. Smith Jr., MD, MBA.
  • A listing for fax, email, parent department and building name are optional for stationery items.
  • When two departments are listed for joint appointments, they should be formatted as follows:
    Department of _____
    and Department of _____

    If space prohibits, then:
    Departments of ___ and ____
  • All email addresses should be in lower case.
  • Remove periods from all credentials (i.e., PhD).
  • Full name or nickname allowed but not in quotation marks or parenthesis.
  • Web address should be formatted as Don’t include http:// unless https://.
  • Credentials are allowed on the first line (bolded line) of business cards only. All titles move to second line.

What to avoid

The following may not be included on stationery items:

  • Abbreviations (few exceptions)
  • Additional graphics or logos except those that have been approved (Massey Cancer Center, Pauley Heart Center and Police accreditation)
  • Parentheses (exception: credentials)
  • Resume-type references (i.e., Habla Espanol on business cards should be changed to Spanish Translator so it is a title)
  • Taglines (unless they are official or grant-required)
  • Titles before names (Dr., Mrs., Mr.) except for clergy, military and police (Rev., Sergeant)
  • VCU before department names except for VCU Libraries and others as noted in the directory (to avoid redundancy with the logo)