The Virginia Commonwealth University brand standards set consistent, cohesive guidelines for creating and ordering stationery items. Adherence to these standards promotes a clear, contemporary identity for the university and VCU Health.

VCU administers a mandatory contract for ordering stationery products. All university and VCU Health stationery products must be purchased through this contract. The current contract has been awarded to B&B Printing. Stationery items included in the contract consist of appointment cards, business cards, envelopes, letterhead, note cards, memo pads and mailing labels. For pricing information, log on to the B&B E-catalog, and refer to the details section of the product you want to order.

For questions regarding VCU stationery, please contact Bob Saydlowski at (804) 827-0904.

For questions regarding VCU Health stationery, please contact James Morrisard at (804) 828-5730.

Ordering stationery

For any questions regarding stationery orders, please contact us.

Business cards  
Electronic letterhead  

Business cards

Monroe Park Campus business card


VCU Monroe Park Campus envelopes

Letterhead – 8½” x 11”

VCU letterhead

Electronic letterhead

Templates for electronic letterheads are available below:


For more information, call Bob Saydlowski at (804) 827-0904.