The Virginia Commonwealth University brand standards set consistent, cohesive guidelines for creating and ordering stationery items. Adherence to these standards promotes a clear, contemporary identity for the university and the VCU Medical Center.

VCU administers a mandatory contract for ordering stationery products. All university and VCU Medical Center stationery products must be purchased through this contract. The current contract has been awarded to B&B Printing. Stationery items included in the contract consist of appointment cards, business cards, envelopes, letterhead, note cards, memo pads and mailing labels. Please refer to the contract pricing guide for a list of products and their costs.

For questions regarding stationery, please contact Linda Ladd at (804) 827-1480.

Ordering stationery

For any questions regarding stationery orders, please contact us.

Business cards  
Electronic letterhead  

Business cards

Monroe Park Campus business card

VCU Medical Center business card

VCU Medical Center business card with VCU Goes Green


VCU Monroe Park Campus envelopes

VCU Medical Center envelopes

VCU Medical Center envelopes with VCU Goes Green

Letterhead – 8½” x 11”

VCU letterhead

VCU Medical Center letterhead

VCU Medical Center letterhead with VCU Goes Green

Electronic letterhead

Customized electronic letterhead is manually set up through the VCU Marketing office. Please fill out our stationery order form and either fax to (804) 828-8172 or email to For more information, call Linda Ladd at (804) 827-1480.

Templates for electronic letterheads are also available below: