Official VCU colors

The consistent use of color plays an important role in establishing credibility and strength throughout the VCU Identity. Established color relationships give appropriate emphasis to each identity element.

The official VCU colors are gold and black. When possible, the university logos should appear in the VCU gold and black variations supplied in the VCU Identity Manual. Matching to the gold must be insistent upon accurate color matching according to the specs below. Poorly matched colors will weaken the impact and effectiveness of the logo.

Official VCU colors

Current increases in print production processes and more mainstreamed digital applications emphasize the importance of selecting the appropriate color formula to ensure accurate reproduction. The following color specifications will create an accurate representation of the university’s standard colors in most of the major models and recognized color systems used today.

Spot color for gold ink

  • Coated paper: Pantone© 130 C
  • Uncoated paper: a custom “VCU Yellow Mix” should be used consisting of 1.1 percent warm red, 2.2 percent rubin red and 96.7 percent process yellow. This custom ink should be made by a certified ink vendor and purchased by your offset printer. It is essentially a custom PMS color made just for printing on uncoated paper. It cannot be specified in a layout program comprising a CMYK build.

Four-color process for gold ink

  • This is made up of a CMYK build and should only be used for offset printing on coated paper: 0 percent cyan, 27 percent magenta, 100 percent yellow and 0 percent black. It can be used as a cost-savings measure and should be monitored on press to ensure it matches up to the PMS 130. A press check is highly recommended for your publication.

For in-house printing on a standard/generic desktop printer (inkjet or laser), please use the four-color process versions of the logo.

Web and PowerPoint equivalents/hexadecimal numbers

  • Black: #000000 (RGB = 0, 0, 0)
  • Gold: #F8B800 (RGB = 248, 184, 0)

* RGB values are to be used for screen and projection only. Refer to CMYK for printing purposes.